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About MyKu

Oh no, can’t figure out what grade you got in that class from 3 years ago? Well, check no further! The MyKu website has been updated with a beautiful interface. Being able to navigate to any page on the site is important, thus leading to the design choice to remove unnecessary and redundant information. A fresh geometric style makes the site look clean and less cluttered. Adding a navigation bar helps the user easily compartmentalize information on sight. This redesign will decrease calls to the Kutztown University tech support and increase user satisfaction.


  • Personas are a useful tool to help a UX/UI designer think about what an intended user might approach the site. I decided to look at this project from an honours student and a student that might be struggling with his/her classes.

  • The process flow on the left splits into many more channels than the one that I had created. This is to create less confusion when navigating around the site.

For Educational Purposes